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Helpful tips for using ICG’s Free Population Search:

  • You must fill in either Coin Date or Denomination or there will be too many results to display.
  • Type the first two or three characters of the field and wait for the drop down menu to populate,┬áthen select the date or denomination you are interested in.
  • Mintmarks are included with the date, and if the coin was minted at a particular mint but does not┬áhave a mint mark it may be listed in parenthesis, i.e. 2012-(S)
  • Silver dollars graded by ICG will have an “S” before the dollar sign, i.e. S$1.
  • The coin type will become available after both denomination and date are filled in, but can be left blank.

If you are having trouble locating a particular population, please email or call customer service for assistance.