Services and Fees

A. Regular Issue Coins (Including Crossovers) – 1600 to Present

Service Tier**


All Coins 1-Day $90
Pieces valued @ $10,000 & less 2-Days $50
Pieces valued @ $7,500 & less 5-Days $25
Pieces valued @ $5,000 & less 10-Days $20
Pieces valued @ $500 & less Economy $15
Foreign (1600-Present)* Foreign $20
*All countries, including Canada, Japan & China (1870 to present only), referenced to Krause / Mishler Cat. & other common references (NO ANCIENTS)

B. Errors, Varieties, etc.

Verify listed attribution (customer must provide) Varies add $10
Research attribution (may be required on unknown foreign coins) Varies add $10
Any ICG-graded coin may be resubmitted for regrade, or designation change Any selected tier Varies

C. Re-holder Fee

Any ICG-graded coin may be resubmitted for reholder for any reason Varies $5

D. ICG Guaranteed Quality Control

Any ICG-graded coin that in your opinion is over-graded. Grading fee is refunded if ICG lowers the grade Varies Varies

E. Shipping (UPS, FedEx, or USPS all covered by private insurance)

1-10 Coins Varies $25
11-20 Coins Varies $30
21-30 Coins Varies $35
31-40 Coins Varies $40
41-50 Coins Varies $45
51-75 Coins Varies $50
76-100 Coins Varies $55
101+ Coins Varies Call
Registered Insurance (USPS Only) Varies Add $15
International (1-20 Coins) Varies $50
International (21-40 Coins) Varies $65
International (41-75 Coins) Varies $75
International (76+ Coins) Varies Call
Other (please call for more information) Varies Varies


Current Turnaround Times

Service Tier Turnaround Times
1-Day Tier 24 hours
2-Day Tier 48 hours
5-Day Tier 5 Days
10-Day Tier 9 Days
Economy Tier 3-4 Weeks
Foreign Tier Varies
Turnaround times are estimations only, and are not guaranteed


Please Contact Customer Service With Questions or Comments:

**Business Days