Tom In Connecticut

I sent a group of coins to ICG, and in my opinion they were graded a little conservatively even with them. The coins that mattered got numerical grades, not problem grades and sold in days to sharp collectors. This is the ICG advantage; much better than raw coins, inexpensive to get coins graded, and just as marketable as the other services graded coins in many but not all categories. Thanks ICG!

Dominic In Virginia

Once again thank you all very much for your outstanding work preserving my coins in such a beautiful way. You guys are really great at what you do and I appreciate that very much.

Joe In California

ICG has given me a great collection honestly graded and well-presented and I will recommend you folks to any and all listeners…I really appreciate everything you folks have done especially in light of very poor experiences elsewhere. You folks are pros.

David In South Carolina

ICG’s service and reputation rivals all the other major competitors at a fraction of the cost!

Kameron In Utah

I am so glad I started submitting my coins to ICG! I like how easy you make submitting coins. I am getting ready to send twenty more in this week or next. Thanks for your great work!