How can I submit coins to ICG?
It is simple. All you need to do is fill out a submission form (download here) and mail it in with your coins or submit your coins to one of our graders at any of the shows we attend.

Do I have to be a member?
ICG does not require membership in order to submit coins. You may submit coins to ICG at any time. Once you have sent in your first submission you will be assigned a customer number that you can use on all future submissions or to check on any orders you currently have with us.

What does it cost to grade coins?
Our pricing is based on the estimated value of your coin as well as how quickly you would like them finished. A complete list of our fees can be found here.

Is there a minimum number of coins I have to send?
No. ICG does not have any minimum number of coins required in order to submit coins for grading.

What kinds of coins can ICG grade?
ICG currently grades almost every coin listed in “The Official Red Book: A Guide Book of United States Coins” as well as most world coins minted from 1600 to present for all countries and listings included in the Krause Catalog as well as other common references. We also grade tokens, medals and other miscellaneous numismatics. If you are unsure if we will be able to grade your coin, please contact us.

Does ICG grade error coins?
Yes. ICG will grade most error coins with the exception of blank planchets and U.S. coins struck on foreign planchets.

Where can I get a submission form?
We have submission forms available for download here. If you would prefer a paper form be mailed out to you, please give us a call at 877-221-4424 or request some from us.

Why do you require me to put an estimated value and how do I know what to put?
We require an estimated value for each coin for insurance purposes only. We want to know what you would like your coin insured for while it is in our possession and during return shipment. If you are unsure what to put, we recommend listing what it would cost you to replace your coin.

What is a “Variety/Attribution”?
Varieties and Attributions are coins that differ from the original design and are typically sought after by collectors. These include VAM numbers found on Morgan dollars, die flaws, and striking errors.

What is a minimum grade? And do I need to put this?
Minimum grade is required when submitting coins to ICG that are already in a holder from another grading service. You will need to list the minimum acceptable grade you will accept on that coin before we remove it from the holder. If you do not have a minimum grade, please list “1”.

Can I select two different tiers of service on one form?
Sure, however your coins will move at the slowest tier, i.e. if you select both the 10-Day and the Economy, all coins will move at the Economy speed.

How should I ship my coins to you?
While ICG does not have any requirements when it comes to shipping your coins to us, we do recommend the following:
-Use 2.5in x 2.5in mylar flips with no tape or staples, simply folded over to prevent coin from sliding out
-Use a box instead of a bubble mailer or envelope, double boxed if possible
-Do not list “Coin” anywhere on the outside of the packaging
-Use as much packing material as needed to prevent rattle or damage to the coins
-Send the package Registered/Insured Mail

Why is your return shipping fee so high?
Our fee is based on the following costs:
-The postage required to ship the order
-The private insurance fees attached to shipping valuables
-The supplies necessary to ship the coins
-The personnel involved in preparing your items for shipment
We do make every effort to keep our fees as low as possible while ensuring your coins are well taken care of.

I have some coins you already graded, but the holder is damaged, what can I do?
We would be happy to reholder these for you. If the holder is damaged, we will reholder it into new plastic using the same tag as before. If the holder is damaged to where the coin can be removed, ICG will charge the tier of service price for a regrade. The coin may not receive the same grade. The customer will need to pay the return shipping fee for any coins reholdered.

I think you made a mistake, what should I do?
Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can work with you to correct the mistake.

Do you accept walk-in submissions?
We are always happy to take walk-in submissions Monday through Friday, 9:30am to 4:30pm. If you would like to meet with a grader, please call our customer service department at 877-221-4424 to schedule an appointment.

Can I take a tour?
Unfortunately due to our security requirements and the protection of all our clients, we cannot allow you to take a tour of our facilities.

UPS and FedEx can’t ship to a PO Box, what is the physical address?
The physical address is:
8120 Anderson Rd.
Suite 101
Tampa, FL 33634

How can I check the status of my order?
Please give us a call at 877-221-4424 or email us.

Do you have online serial verification?
Yes, the serial number can be entered on the bottom right of the homepage.

Can I submit foreign coins on the Economy Tier?
No. Foreign coins can only be submitted on the Foreign, 5 Day, 2 Day, or 1 Day tiers of service.

What is the grading process?
The grading process at ICG can be found here.

Can I request faster shipping or have you use my shipping account?
You are welcome to request faster shipping by contacting customer service at 877-221-4424 after we have received your order. There will be an additional fee. If you would like to use your own shipping account, please be sure to list the account number and speed of delivery you would like at the top of your form in the “Return Shipping” box.

You sent me the email letting me know my coins have shipped, but I don’t understand these grades?
The way our system currently lists the grades in the emails are numeric only. A 3-digit grade code beginning with a “1” is a details grade, i.e. 160 would be a 60 with details. The details will be listed on the holder when you receive your coin. At this time, no varieties are listed in the grade email, however we will be adding this feature in the near future. If your coin receives a “90” the graders were unable to grade your coin. If the coin receives an “88” it is considered of questionable authenticity by our grading team.

Do you offer a price guide?
ICG does not offer a price guide at this time as we feel it would cause an impact in the market and eliminate our independent standing.

Do you have a population report?
Yes, the population report can be found here.

How can I pay for my order? Will you invoice me?
We require payment information at the time of receiving your order. You can pay by check, money order, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. We do not extend credit at this time.

I have a custom tag request, what should I do?
Please contact us to discuss the options available to you.

Do you still provide the Intercept Shield Holders?
Unfortunately, ICG no longer offers the Intercept Shield gasket for any coins.

Do you sell storage boxes?
ICG does not currently sell storage boxes, however the generic boxes in the market should hold ICG slabs.