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How should I ship my coins to you?

While ICG does not have any requirements when it comes to shipping your coins to us, we do recommend the following: -Use 2.5in x 2.5in mylar flips with no tape or staples, simply folded over to prevent coin from sliding out -Use a box instead of a bubble mailer or...
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What is a minimum grade? And do I need to put this?

Minimum grade is required when submitting coins to ICG that are already in a holder from another grading service. You will need to list the minimum acceptable grade you will accept on that coin before we remove it from the holder. If you do not have a minimum grade, please...
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What is a “Variety/Attribution”?

Varieties and Attributions are coins that differ from the original design and are typically sought after by collectors. These include VAM numbers found on Morgan dollars, die flaws, and striking errors....
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