How to Get a Quick Turnaround Time on Economy Submissions

Randy Campbell


Everyone likes a bargain. In the coin grading business, economy level submissions offer collectors and dealers the lowest prices available for the encapsulation of their coins.

Turnaround time can vary greatly on economy level submissions. Right after a major coin convention, turnaround may take four to six weeks. Conversely, during the slower summer months, turnaround might drop to three weeks or less on U.S. coins that do not require attribution.

There are things you can do to make sure you get the fastest turnaround time possible for your order. First, make sure the information in the return shipping section of the form is correct and legible. Wrong addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses will all slow the return of your order. Poor, illegible handwriting will also slow the return process as we work to verify the information listed.

Second, make sure your coins are submitted in 2.5 x 2.5in crown sized flips. Since all major services prefer them, these flips usually are available in quantity from the larger numismatic supply dealers, and my even be available at your local coin shop. Coins not submitted in these flips may have to be removed from other holders and placed into the approved flips prior to authentication and grading. This takes time and can significantly lengthen your turnaround time. The 2.5 x 2.5in flips should not be taped, stapled, cut or otherwise modified, and should only contain one coin, otherwise your coins may at risk of damage during shipping. If you are concerned about your coins falling out of the flips, all you need to do is fold the flip in half along the score mark and rubber band all of the flips in a stack.

If you are submitting coins that have already been graded and slabbed by another service, you will need to make sure you list a minimum grade on your paperwork for every coin. We cannot process an order without this information and it will be held until we can get a hold of you.

Finally, make sure you select the correct tier and list the pricing correctly on the bottom of your form. If you do not include the correct payment, or are missing details from your payment such as the credit card expiration date, your order will be delayed while we attempt to reach you.

While all of these tips cannot ensure your coins are returned ahead of the scheduled due date, they will make sure the order is not delayed. If you know you need the coins for an upcoming show or sale, or will need them back sooner than the Economy Tier allows for, we do recommend selecting a tier with a faster turnaround time.

If you have any questions, we urge you to call our friendly ICG staff toll free at 877-221-4424. We look forward to serving you!