Exceptional Customer Service

As with diamonds and other rare gems, determining the condition-or grade-of a rare coin is one of the most important aspects of buying and selling coins. A coin’s numeric grade, as determined by an objective third-party grading service, is an overall evaluation of its appearance based on widely accepted factors.

Independent Coin Graders (ICG) is a truly independent third-party grading service for numismatic collectors and dealers, offering professional and accurate grading, at reasonable prices. ICG has been grading coins, tokens and medals from around the world for collectors and dealers in the industry since accepting the first submission in December of 1998.

ICG started with the idea that the graders should be as objective as possible when looking at a coin. The ownership of the coin should in no way influence the grade the coin receives, nor should the grader’s own motives impact it. At ICG you can trust that the graders and staff do not buy or sell coins, and will treat your coin as they would one from the most well known dealer in the industry.

Today ICG offers some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry, often at a fraction of the cost. We do not require membership, we do not have minimum submission requirements, and want to make the process of having coins graded and authenticated as pleasant as possible.

Whether meeting with one of our graders at a show or in our office, calling customer service, or simply mailing in a submission, every client should satisfied with the service they receive, and if not, we make sure we take every action to ensure we correct the problem.